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Business & Technology

Business and Technology Education

Henry Clay's business department has renovated its programs with high-tech equipment and training.  The department currently has two computer labs equipped with Pentium II or higher processors which are used in each course.  Each lab offers Microsoft Office and Internet access.  The advanced lab provides multimedia equipment and software for more advanced projects.  Students learn to use scanners and digital cameras with a wide assortment of software to support and enhance their creativity.

Course Offerings:

Keyboarding and Computer Applications

Refresher course for keyboarding skills and basic instruction in standard office programs such as word processors, spread sheets, databases, and presentation applications.

Introduction to Business

Provides a basic foundation for further study in business and marketing.

Advanced Computer Applications

Further study in the advance uses or word processors, spreadsheets, databases, and presentation software.  Also covers desktop publishing, electronic communication, multimedia, and basic web page development.

Accounting I

Provides a study of the basic principles of accounting.  Payroll records, taxes, reports, journals, depreciation, notes and interest,  and inventory control are discussed.

Web Page Development

Students learn to develop and maintain interesting, useful, and educational web sites.

Cooperative Office and Retail Education

Students work in a paid office or retail position for a minimum of fifteen hours per week.  The students earn wages while earning credit and learning about real business issues on the job.

Note: Course offerings are based on number of students enrolled in each class.