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Alumni Spotlight: Andy Barr

Alumni Spotlight: Andy Barr
U.S. Rep. Andy Barr in a brown suit with flag in the corner

Garland Hale “Andy” Barr IV is an attorney and politician serving as U.S. representative for Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District since 2013. A Republican, he previously worked in former Gov. Ernie Fletcher’s administration. Barr is a 1992 graduate of Henry Clay High School.

Question: What is your fondest memory of your time at Henry Clay?

Answer: Winning the 1992 Debate Team State Championship

Q: What person, class, or experience at HCHS influenced you the most?

A: Dr. Robert Leupold, AP U.S. History class

Q: Did you attend college or complete graduate studies? If so, where?

A: University of Virginia, BA in Government and Philosophy, 1996; University of Kentucky College of Law, JD, 2001

Q: How did your education at HCHS help prepare you for what you did in college and are doing today in your work?

A: My participation on the Henry Clay Debate Team, coached by Janet Kinstle, taught me valuable skills in research, public speaking, persuasive writing, logic, argumentation, preparation, and organization. These skills helped me excel at the University of Virginia and later in my legal and public service careers.

Andy Barr in a high school yearbook photo

Q: What is a professional highlight of your career?

A: Enactment of the Cardiovascular Advances in Research and Opportunities Legacy (CAROL) Act in honor of my late wife, Carol, who passed away from sudden cardiac death brought on by mitral valve prolapse, an underlying heart condition that causes death in .2% of cases

Q: What advice would you give students interested in your career field?

A: Pursue a career in the private sector before public service. This will allow you to truly understand how the private sector views government and how public policy impacts the lives of hardworking Americans.

Q: What is an important life lesson to share with current students and future graduates?

A: Success requires determination, hard work, and persistence. Nothing worth achieving is easy. The most successful people in life are those who learn from their mistakes and never give up.